Stuck On You Labels Sound Like Rational, Problem-solving Back-to-school Labels

Stuck On You Labels Sound Like Rational, Problem-solving Back-to-school Labels

Stuck On You is the result of Carrie Felton's creative mind who developed it from a small, household startup to where it is today, a globally renowned company. They have gained a wealth of experience by serving for more than 23 years and are fulfilling all your needs with amazing customer services.

From personalized bag tags, and lunch boxes to stick on and iron on clothing labels their products always look cute and attractive to your eyes.

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Personalized Labels, Do They Really Work?

The effectiveness of Stuck On You labels is undebatable. They absolutely deserve cheers and appreciation for their time and money-saving solutions.

How They Are Useful?

✓ 100% functional

✓ Safe for kids

✓ Fun to share with others

✓ Make your lost property easily noticeable

It is because of these properties that the Stuck On You product range is gaining popularity among the parents and increasing it’s worth and demand day by day. Beyond a doubt, it is one of the best things to be created especially for school-going children.

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What Do They Offer?

Stuck On You, in simple words, has got your whole family covered to help out in sorting and finding their belongings conveniently. It was all started with a mission to create personalized labels for children and now Stuck On You is curating and crafting items to support the entire family’s needs.

Let’s dig into the categories!

Name Labels

Name labels, since the beginning of Stuck On You, have remained the top, bestseller labels on the store. These personalized name labels provide easiness to find and separating out your belongings from your siblings.

Clothing Labels

Remember that school monogram you were used to seeing on your uniform in childhood? Stuck On You provides you durable iron on and stick on clothing labels to put on your kid’s uniform. So, they won’t fade away after a few washes.

Moreover, shoe tags and personalized pajamas are also being delivered by them.

Bento Box

A kid’s health is always the first priority of parents. Stuck On You also assists you by hereby offering personalized lunch boxes and bento boxes at reasonable prices.


Books, bags, and stationery labels ensure that all your children’s school stuff must have their name on it to avoid being lost, misplaced, or exchanged.

Personalized Gifts

Wall planners, canvas height charts, and several other ideas for personalized gifts and activities are offered to you. Furthermore, they have wooden name puzzles, drink bottles, and bibs for unique and personalized gifts.

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