Dan Gilbert, Josh Luber, Greg Schwartz, and Chris Kaufman are among the founders of StockX. When Dan Gilbert started taking deep insights into the reselling of sneakers at good rates, he planned to design his platform for the same purpose but with few amendments. This idea came into his mind after observing his son’s activity. His son was purchasing sneakers on eBay and then selling them for more. He thought that he can do it with a complete business mechanism. The pioneers of StockX called it the ‘Stock Market’ of things.

How Do They Work?

The way StockX works are very simple and secure to adapt. It is an online marketplace yet it is quite safe to use. StockX serves as a middle man between the seller and the buyer.

For Sellers

First, the seller needs to ship his article to StockX’s, they verify the authenticity of the product and then release funds.

  • It offers opportunities to the seller to sell their products at optimum rates.
  • The seller places ‘An Ask’ with the description of the product he wants to sell. Then the buyers start bidding on it.
  • If any buyer makes a bid that matches to ask then they both proceed towards the deal.

What will happen if the seller did not get an appropriate bid?

  • Sometimes it happens that all the bids you receive from the buyers are lower than your rates, it is called ‘the lowest bid’.
  • You may select the highest offered bid among them and sell your item to one or you may also wait until you receive the desired offer.

Sometimes a seller receives bid offering more than his required rates.

  • When the placed bid is of a higher rate than ask, it is known as ‘the highest bid’. It is an optimum way for the seller to get good rates.

For Buyers

Making use of the StockX marketplace, the buyer can get his desired article at reasonable prices.

  • The first step is to place a bid on the seller’s ad.
  • If your offer meets the rates mentioned in ask, you will receive the product but for this, you should make an acceptable bid.
  • If your bid is lower than other bids, you may change your bid or wait for new ask to match your bid.

What Does StockX Have For You?

The 5 basic class of articles that are available on StockX for both buying and selling purposes include:

  • Sneakers
  • Streetwear
  • Compatible
  • Handbags
  • Watches

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This online marketplace deals with the renowned brands’ products such as Adidas, Retro Jordans, Nikes, Yeezys and many others. That’s why their quality is of a high standard. Also if you are not confident to buy from an anonymous seller, StockX assures you that you don’t have to deal with any fake offers because nothing can be shared without verification. So now, if you are fully satisfied, get your StockX Promo Codes 2020 from and start your selling or buying process right now.